Strength. Control. Balance

Functional Physio is the next generation of active recovery training for athletes, persons suffering with injuries and those wanting to get the most out of life with an active and pain-free body. 

Functional Physio focuses on providing prehabilitation programs to reduce risk of injury, enhance performance and build strong foundations for active living; rehabilitation for persons suffering from injuries and pain and active recovery massage to support the body to rest and rejuvenate. 

Led by ametuer boxer and physiotherapist Courtney Buckley, Functional Physio provides services across a range of formats including small group training, stretching classes and massage treatments, physio-focused PT, online programs and workshops.

All programsare developed on the core principles of strength, control and balance and are designed to compliment your current training program. 

Your body, mind and wellness relies on equal parts activation and recovery. Functional Physio provides tailored services across the principles of strength, balance and control to ensure you can recover, rest and run optimally. 




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